eDiscovery – Reviewing Your Client’s Data and Containing Costs

It seems Computer Forensics and e-Discovery have become synonymous with expensive. It’s becoming a more frequent occurrence where I receive a call from a law firm, who are trying to contain costs for their client and are asking what it would costs to clone the drive or export the data or print the documents so the firm or client can review the data. They don’t want the added expense of a third party  filtering/reviewing data and believe they can complete the task with less cost and reasonably good results.

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Separation of Key Personnel

Managing human resources is a fact of life for any enterprise. An aspect of human resource management that needs to be handled with utmost care is the separation of an employee from the enterprise. While in most cases these events are handled routinely there is always the exception which requires time, expense and often lawyers to resolve. No small part of this process is managing the employees electronic footprint in the organization, which is what I will focus on today.

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