Digital Forensic Services

Litigation Support

Litigation Support

EFS e-Forensic Services Inc. has technical knowledge and experience that can be crucial assistance in preparing agreements, orders, affidavits, Anton Piller orders and interviewing IT witnesses.  

Digital Media Preservation

Secure a verified copy of any data source for preservation or production in litigation matters. EFS staff are experienced in preserving hard disks, servers, email, webmail, smart phones, cell phones, digital video recorders (security cameras), tablets and a variety of portable media. EFS can capture physical images of most smart phones, permitting recovery of deleted data.

E-Discovery Collections

Efficiently search, filter, collect and produce responsive electronic records in support of your litigation efforts from workstations, email and network shares. Our processes are scalable from small businesses to multi-national corporate networks.

Online Data Preservation

Online Data Preservation

Forensically capture, search and secure Internet based evidence such as websites, webmail, cloud storage, and social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Computer Incident Response

EFS staff can assist with network intrusion investigations from detection to forensic examination of artifacts.  Our experts are adept at finding indicators of compromise on a system and rooting out the source of the compromise, whether from insider threats or targeted outside attacks.  We provide a thorough investigative report and timeline of events.

Forensic Analysis of Preserved Data  

Our experts use state of the art techniques and tools to glean and explain relevant data from preserved media. We have extensive experience in “connecting the dots” in investigations of digital media. All of our experts are certified in the use of industry standard forensic analysis software and have had years of experience in providing clear, concise written reports for use in court or arbitration matters.

Expert Witness Services

Our staff has extensive experience with court testimony and has been accepted as experts in Canadian courts.