DataPort DP20

DataPort DP20

Government agencies, digital cinemas, and SMB organizations that need robust, high-quality, removable drive enclosures to store, transport, and protect their sensitive data rely on the CRU DataPort® 20.

These carriers and frames receive any capacity 2.5″ (9.5mm) SATA hard drives and solid-state drives (SSD). The frame mounts in the standard 12.7mm slimline optical bay drives found in most laptops, desktops, and workstations.

The DataPort 20 enables fast drive swapping for additional storage. The frame mounts meet standard SFF-8552 (rev 1.4) specifications for 12.7mm slimline optical drives.

A fully enclosed metal hard-drive carrier provides rugged data protection for the DataPort 20. These enclosures are engineered and warranted for over 25,000 insertions using durable connectors.

The DataPort 20 operates at speeds up to 6 Gbps using 6 Gbps hard drives and host controllers.

Secure your data with the powered key lock to prevent unauthorized access to your drive or accidental removal during operation.

Host (I/O) Ports (1) SATA: up to 6 Gbps
Drive Types Supported SATA 2.5″ drives
SATA SSD (solid state drives)
SATA Speed 6G
Bay Size Optical (12.7mm height)
Insertion Rating up to 50,000 carrier insertions
Number of bays 1
Lockable Bays Rotate/Press
Number of LEDs 2
Description of LEDs Power, drive activity
Construction material(s) Rugged metal construction (plastic bezel)
Dimensions 5.04″ x 4.96″ x 0.50″ (128mm x 126mm x 12.7mm)
Weight 0.60 lbs. (0.27 kg)
Compliancy FCC, CE, RoHS, C-Tick, RCM
Warranty CRU provides a 5-year limited warranty for this product.

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