(DISCONTINUED) Tableau Universal Power Supply (TP5)

Picture of Tableau Universal Power Supply TP5


The Tableau Universal Power Supply (TP5) is no longer available for sale as it has been replaced by the next generation Tableau Power Supply (TP6).


The Tableau Universal Power Supply [TP5] is designed to power all Tableau Forensic Duplicators and Bridges.

A third generation Tableau product, replacing the Tableau TP4. However, the TP5 has been replaced by the Tableau Power Supply (TP6)


  • Includes three output adapters designed to fit various Tableau products:
    • 5-pin DIN Output Adapter
    • 5.5 mm (OD) Barrel Output Adapter
    • 6.5 mm (OD) Barrel Output Adapter
  • Compatible with power standards worldwide
  • Compatible with inexpensive IEC-compatible AC line cords worldwide.


  • 93W power supply
  • Input: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 1.8A
  • TCA-MF-5P Adapter:
    • Output: 12VDC @ 6.5A and 5VDC @ 3.0A
    • Output connector: 5-pin mini-DIN connector
  • TCA-MF-B1 Adapter:
    • Output: 15VDC @ 5.25A
    • Output connector: 5.5mm(O) x 2.5mm(I) x 9.5mm(L) barrel connector
  • TCA-MF-B2 Adapter:
    • Output: 12VDC @ 6.5A
    • Output connector: 6.5mm(O) x 4.3mm(I) x 9.5mm(L) barrel connector
  • Input line cord connector: IEC-320-C7 (non-polarized) connector

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