EFS Premium Tableau Write Blocking Kit


The EFS Premium Tableau Write Blocking Kit is the most comprehensive write blocking kit that we offer. It contains bridges and adapters that will allow the user to gain write-blocked access to most media types they will encounter. The kit comes in a hard carrying case with foam inserts, and includes the following items.

Note: If you are looking for a less comprehensive kit that instead targets the most common media types, we offer the EFS Primary Tableau Write Blocking Kit. The Primary Kit is built with write-blocking bridges that will allow the user to gain write-blocked access to the most common (“primary”) media types: SATA, IDE, USB and PCIe, and comes in a hard carrying case.




Power supplies

  • Tableau Power Supply [TP7] (x3)


  • Zippered Soft-sided Black Nylon Bag [TB1] (x1)
  • Rugged Case with Foam Inserts for EFS Premium Kit [008214] (x1)
  • Quick Reference Guides: T35u, T6u, T7u, T8u

The Guardonix USB Writeblocker Basic/Pro adds the ability to stabilize a USB connection to your kit. Windows can sometimes reject a connection to a USB drive, interfering with imaging attempts. Guardonix can often resolve this. We recommend that every lab/practitioner should have one of these; for the EFS Premium Kit, there is the option of swapping out the Tableau Forensic USB 3.0 Bridge [T8u] listed above for a Guardonix unit, OR adding on a Guardonix unit without removal of the T8u. Read more about Guardonix here:

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