EFS Primary CRU Write Blocker Kit

This kit is built with the write blocking bridges that will allow the user to gain write-blocked access to the common media types. CRU’s Ultradock provides read-only access to IDE and SATA hard disks. CRU’s ComboDock can be used to access SATA or IDE hard drives in read-only or read-write mode. This kit includes CRU’s latest write-blocker for USB 3.1. The kit comes in a Pelican hard case and includes:


USB 3.1 Write-Blocker

Forensic ComboDock

Forensic UltraDock

Media Write-Blocker


Micro-SD adapter


USB 3.x cable (type C to C)

USB 3.0 cable (type C to A)

2x USB 3.0 Cable

USB cable (type A to micro-B)

2x eSATA cable

2x FireWire 800 cable

2x SATA drive cable

2x IDE drive cable

2x Molex MiniFit-to-legacy power cable

Power Supply

USB 3.1 Write-Blocker AC adapter

Forensic ComboDock AC adapter & power cord

Forensic UltraDock AC adapter & power cord


Quick start guides for the USB 3.1 Write-Blocker, Forensic ComboDock, Forensic UltraDock and Media Write-Blocker 

USB thumb drive containing drivers and related files

2x Metal drive plate (for optional use)

2x Packet of screws and bumpers

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