F-Response was a game changer when it was brought to market because it brings the data to you! This powerful product presents remote data as a read only local resource, accessible to all your local forensic tools at a fraction of the cost of enterprise tools.

F-Response Enterprise Edition
The Enterprise Edition of F-Response is our service based (Non GUI) version of F-Response uniquely designed for Managed Services consultants and internal corporate investigations. F-Response Enterprise also provides all the features of F-Response Consultant Edition.

F-Response TACTICAL uses a unique dual dongle/storage device solution that allows an investigator to bring their favourite Windows tools to bear on Windows, Apple, and Linux targets. TACTICAL greatly reduces the need to understand networks and network addressing with an auto-locate technology that gets you connected to your target data quickly and efficiently.

F-Response Consultant Edition
The Consultant Edition of F-Response was built and designed around the needs of larger and geographically distant consulting teams. Using F-Response Consultant Edition you will be able to simultaneously access multiple computer physical storage devices.

We are the sole authorized Canadian reseller of this program. For more on pricing, licensing options or training, please contact us.

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