Forensic LabDock U5

The Forensic LabDock™ U5 is a professional forensic tool for investigating most common drive types. The LabDock U5 is installed in a standard 5.25″ bay, offering simple and convenient front-panel access to suspect hard drives. Connecting drives is easy, especially with its built-in USB write blocker.

  • Built-in USB WriteBlocker
  • Professional drive write blocking
  • Reliable evidence protection
  • Detects hidden areas on drives
  • Unique cubby keeps drives cool and out of the way
Host side connector 1 SATA: for the write-blocked IDE & SATA drive connections

2 USB 2.0: one for firmware configuration and one for the built-in USB WriteBlocker

Front Side write-blocked

1 SATA data connector

1 IDE/PATA connector

1 USB 2.0

Status LEDs 8 LEDs: Power, drive activity, Power (to drive) error, fan error, general error, HPA or DCO detected, write-blocked SATA & IDE operation, write-blocked USB operation
Device Compatibility

3.5in IDE/PATA hard disks, 2.5in via adapter

SATA hard disks

USB Thumb Drives

USB hard disks via cable

Adapters are available to bridge other connection types to the provided IDE / SATA connectors.

Host OS Compatibility

Microsoft Windows XP or Later

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or Later

Most modern Linux distributions

Warranty 2 year limited warranty from CRU

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