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Passware Kit Business helps IT professionals, system administrators and security experts to solve password related problems, which frequently occur in corporate environment. The software recovers passwords for 280+ types of files and supports all popular applications used in business. Many types of passwords are recovered or reset instantly. To achieve the highest speed, Passware Kit Business uses hardware acceleration. Multiple files are processed simultaneously.

New in Passware Kit Business 2021 v3 (June 2021)

  • Decryption of LUKS2 disks
  • Password recovery for Dashlane Desktop
  • Batch mode: improved performance for 1,000+ files
  • Passware Bootable Memory Imager supports UEFI 1.x
  • Passware Rainbow Tables for Windows
  • Keychain extraction improvements
  • Usability improvements

Key Product Features

Live memory analysis. Analyzes live memory images and hibernation files and extracts encryption keys for hard disks and passwords for files and websites.

Password recovery for 280+ file types. MS Office, PDF, Zip, RAR, QuickBooks, FileMaker, Lotus Notes, password managers, and many other popular applications.

Encryption detection and analysis. Detects all encrypted files and hard disk images and reports the typeof encryption and the complexity of the decryption.

Batch processing. Runs password recovery for groups of files without manual intervention.

Decryption of FDE. Decrypts or recovers passwords for BitLocker, FileVault2, APFS,TrueCrypt, VeraCrypt, LUKS, McAfee, Apple DMG, Symantec, and PGP disk images.

Hardware acceleration. Accelerates password recovery with multiple computers, NVIDIA & AMD GPUs,Tableau Password Recovery, and Rainbow Tables.

64-bit version. Improved performance, including the capacity to process thousands of files simultaneously and to handle larger dictionary files.

Automatic updates. Includes automatic software updates with one year of Software Maintenance and Support (SMS) subscription.

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