Tableau Sata/IDE Bridge (T35u)

The Tableau Forensic SATA/IDE Bridge (T35u) is a portable write-blocker that enables forensic acquisition of SATA and IDE drives. There is another version of the T35u, the T35u-RW, which is pre-configured for a read-write operation of SATA and IDE drives and comes in a yellow colour.

Note: The T35u does not come with any accessories (cables) or power supply when purchased as a stand-alone item, and therefore you will need your own cables and power supply to use the device. For this reason, we also offer a kit version of the T35u that does include a corresponding power supply and all cables. See below for kit content details.

We also offer the T35u, other Tableau write-blocking devices, plus all related cables and accessories in our premium write-blocking kit for a more comprehensive option: EFS Premium Tableau Write Blocking Kit.

If you’re looking for a more condensed kit that will only target the most common or “primary” media (SATA, IDE, USB and PCIe), the T35u is also offered in the EFS Primary Tableau Write Blocking Kit.


  • Suitable for both the field and lab
  • USB 3.0 host computer connection
  • Seven LEDs provide status on power, IDE media detection, SATA media detection, host connection, write-block status, and activity
  • Read/write mode capability via internal DIP switch

T35u Kit Content

Host side connector

One USB 3.0 Standard-B connector

DC Input: One 5-pin mini-DIN connector for use with the Tableau TP2 power supply, and one bayonet connector for use with the Tableau TP5 and TP7 power supplies

Device side connector

SATA signal connector

IDE signal connector

DC out: 4-pin 3M drive power connector (power to SATA or IDE hard disk)

DIP Switch The 4-position DIP switch configures user-selectable options that are not required for normal operation. See the T35u/T35u-RW Quick Reference Guide for more information
Status LEDs Seven LEDs: DC IN, Power, IDE Detect, SATA Detect, Host Detect, Write Block, Activity
Host OS Compatibility

Microsoft Windows version 7, 8, 10

Macintosh OS X

Most modern Linux distributions (Note: Linux distributions have varying levels and quality of support for USB 3.0)

Warranty One year parts and workmanship from date of purchase

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