SiForce Lightning NX

SIFORCE LIGHTNING NX – starting at $14,200 USD

In collaboration with Nuix Engineers, Silicon Forensics has built a powerful workstation that achieves the best possible performance when using the Lightning NX with Nuix. The Lightning X hardware has been tested for dependability and efficiency, and the officially Nuix-approved workstation combines high end forensic tools with computing power to enable multiple processes.

Process large volumes of data with the SiForce Lightning NX. This workstation is optimized with fast disk speeds and dedicated logical units to handle medium to large implementations.

Lightning NX is designed with a balance of processing power, memory and disk IO to maximize the performance of Nuix. Standard options may not fit everyone’s needs, because storage size and processing power depends on the nature of the projects being worked on. To that end, Silicon Forensics offers custom upgrade options for the processor, memory and storage. The specifications uniquely qualify Lightning NX to exceed performance standards that Nuix users expect.

Silicon Forensics workstations are custom configured to leverage more workers and process data faster. Lightning NX is approved for 16+ workers.

PROCESSOR Base option: Dual Intel Xeon 4208 Silver, 16 core
Alternative 1: Dual Intel Xeon 5218 Gold, 32 core (+$3,200.00 USD)
Alternative 2: Dual Intel Xeon 6230 Gold, 40 core (+$5,200.00 USD)
MEMORY Base option: 196GB 2933MHz ECC DDR4 (6 Channel)
Alternative 1: 384GB 2933MHz ECC DDR4 (6 Channel) (+$3,200.00 USD)
Alternative 2: 768GB 2933MHz ECC DDR4 (6 Channel) (+$5,800.00 USD)
OS DRIVE Base option: 500GB NVMe SSD
Alternative 1: 1TB NVMe SSD (+$150.00 USD)
Alternative 2: 2TB NVMe SSD (+$300.00 USD)
Alternative 1: 4TB PCIe NVMe SSD (+$600.00 USD)
CASE DIRECTORY * 2021-July-15: due to a lack of availability, the base option of 8 TB (4 x 2TB) has been temporarily changed from enterprise grade NVMe SSDs to client grade NVMe SSDs. Other options remain enterprise grade.

Base option: 8TB (4 x 2TB Client NVMe SSD)
Alternative 1: 16TB (4 x 4TB Enterprise NVMe SSD) (+$2,400.00 USD)
Alternative 2: 32TB (4 x 8TB Enterprise NVMe SSD) (+$6,800.00 USD)

SOURCE DATA Base option: 3.84TB (8 x 480GB Enterprise SSD)
Alternative 1: 7.68TB (8 x 960GB Enterprise SSD) (+$1,800.00 USD)
Alternative 2: 15.3TB (8 x 1.92TB Enterprise SSD) (+$3,600.00 USD)
Alternative 3: 30TB (8 x 3.84TB Enterprise SSD) (+$7,200.00 USD)
WRITE BLOCKER Base option: (T3iu) Tableau SATA Imaging Bay
Alternative 1: (T356789iu) Tableau Write Protected Bridge
(SATA/IDE/SAS/USB 3.0/FW-800/PCIe) (+$999.00 USD)
VIDEO Base option: NVIDIA GeForce GT, 2GB
Alternative 1: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060, 12GB (+$800.00 USD)
Alternative 2: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080, 10GB (+$1,400.00 USD)
OPTICAL DRIVE Blu-Ray 14x Writing Speed and Supports BDXL (128GB) discs
ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES Write Blocker: Tableau T3iu SATA Imaging Bay
SATA Hot Swap Bay
Optional: Tableau Write Protected Bridge
OPERATING SYSTEM Base option: Windows 10 Pro (x64)
Alternative 1: Windows 2019 Server (+$800.00 USD)
Alternative 2: Windows 2019 Core License (Add +$50 USD for each core after 16) (+$60.00 USD)
IO PORTS Read Only SATA Express Port

Dual 10Gb RJ45
USB 3.2 Gen 2 (2 Rear)
USB 3.0 (8 front, 4 open and 4 locked)
USB 3.0 (2 rear)
USB 2.0 (2 rear)

WARRANTY Base option: 3-year SiShield Parts & Labour
Alternative 1: 5-Year SiShield Parts & Labour (+$800.00 USD)

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