SiForce Lightning

SiForce Lightning – starting at $7,995 USD

10X Faster Drive Imaging vs. HDD

  • 8X RAIDed SSDs at 97,000 IOPs each
  • Faster data processing, indexing, and read/write operations

10X Longer Life

  • Enterprise SSDs last 10X longer than consumer SSDs
  • Hardware protects data in the event of drive failure

9X Better Sustained Performance

  • Consumer SSDs have a 90% performance drop-off under heavy load, vs. only a 10% drop-off for enterprise SSDs

Simplified Workflow

  • Single processing location instead of multi-drive setup
  • Forensic bridge built in for quick data collection
PROCESSOR Base option: Intel Core i9-10900X, 10 Core, 3.7GHz
Alternative 1: Intel Core i9-10980XE, 18 Core, 3.0GHz (+$800.00 USD)
MEMORY Base option: 64GB DDR4
Alternative 1: 128GB DDR4 (+$400.00 USD)
Alternative 2: 256GB DDR4 (+$1,200.00 USD)
OS DRIVE Base option: 500GB NVMe SSD
Alternative 1: 1TB PCIe NVMe SSD (+$150.00 USD)
Alternative 2: 2TB PCIe NVMe SSD (+$300.00 USD)
PROCESSING SPACE Base option: 3.8TB SSD RAID (8 x 480GB Enterprise SSD)
Alternative 1: 7.6TB SSD RAID (8 x 960GB Enterprise SSD) (+$1,600.00 USD)
Alternative 2: 15.36TB SSD RAID (8 x 1.92TB Enterprise SSD) (+$3,280.00 USD)
TEMP DRIVE Base option: None
Alternative 1: 1TB PCIe NVMe SSD (+$300.00 USD)
Alternative 2: 2TB PCIe NVMe SSD (+$500.00 USD)
Alternative 3: 480GB Optane SSD (+$700.00 USD)
Alternative 1: 8TB 7200RPM SATA HDD (+$200.00 USD)
Alternative 2: 10TB 7200RPM SATA HDD (+$300.00 USD)
Alternative 3: 30TB RAID (5 x 6TB Enterprise Drive) (+$1,800.00 USD)
Alternative 4: 50TB RAID (5 x 10TB Enterprise Drive) (+$3,100.00 USD)
Alternative 5: 80TB RAID (5 x 16TB Enterprise Drive) (+$4,100.00 USD)
VIDEO Base option: GeForce RTX 3060, 12GB
Alternative 1: GeForce RTX 3070, 8GB, 5888 Cuda Cores (+$400.00 USD)
Alternative 2: GeForce RTX 3080, 10GB 8714 Cuda Cores (+$1,000.00 USD) 
IO PORTS USB 3.2 Gen2 (2 rear)
USB 3.0 (4 front, 5 rear)
USB 2.0 (2 front, 5 rear)
8-channel (7.1) HD Audio Subsystem
Read-only SATA port
Read-only IDE port
Read-only USB port
Read-only FW800 port
Read-only SAS port
Read-only PCIe port
OPTICAL DRIVE Blu-Ray 16x Writing Speed and Supports BDXL (128GB) discs
WRITE BLOCKERS Base option: Tableau T356789iu
Alternative 1: Tableau T356789iu & T3iu (+$400.00 USD)
KEYBOARD AND MOUSE Base option: Keyboard and Mouse Wired USB
Alternative 1: Keyboard and Mouse Wireless (no additional cost)
Alternative 2: Mechanical RGB LED Keyboard and Mouse Wired USB (+$50.00 USD)
OPERATING SYSTEM Windows 10 Professional
Base option: None
Alternative 1: Tableau PCIe Adapter Bundle [TKDA-PCIE-5PC]
Alternative 2: Tableau SATA & IDE Adapter Bundle [TKDA-SATA-IDE-7PC]
WARRANTY Base option: 3-year SiShield Parts & Labour
Alternative 1: 5-Year SiShield Parts & Labour (+$600.00 USD)

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