SiForce Mach I

SIFORCE MACH I – starting at $14,999 USD

The SiForce MACH I is localized cloud computing built to maximize DATA IOPs in order to boost productivity.

Maximize IOPs, Boost Productivity

The SiForce Mach I utilizes Software Defined eDiscovery to transform enterprise processing. An autonomous, scalable solution is created by leveraging the higher performance of the NVMe and Intel® Optane™ drives and the higher capacity of SSD and SATA drives.

MACH I places an emphasis on software tools utilized during the digital forensic investigation process.

  • Over one million IOPs (read) 
  • Performance: High speed NVMe and Intel Optane drives used in parallel with low cost high capacity SATA drives provide optimal IOPs and storage capacity
  • Scalability: Easy system expansion by adding complete systems or drives on the fly
  • Redundancy: Protect data with drive failover protection and high availability

Full Description

The Software Defined eDiscovery configuration is an all-flash storage array designed to increase productivity and reliability. Built with dual Intel Xeon processors, SSD RAID storage, and high-efficiency redundant power supplies, the Mach I Enterprise offers great speed and stability.

Mach I incorporates the properties of solid state drives, which dramatically increases input/output operations per second (IOPs) and throughput while minimizing latency. In addition to a speed boost, all flash storage generally consume less power and require less cooling than a traditional server.

Mach I is powered by dual Intel Xeon Scalable processors, providing up to 40 cores of high-speed processing power. Large processes are spread out through the cores in order to significantly cut down processing time. The Intel Hyper-Threading Technology implemented in the system works to maximize the efficiency of parallel processes. The SSD RAID storage and redundant 80 Plus Platinum power supplies utilized in Mach I offer protection against power or hard drive failure.


Dual Intel Xeon 4110 Silver 2.10GHz, 16 Core total

OPTION: Dual Intel Xeon 5120 Gold 28 Cores total

OPTION: Dual Intel Xeon 6138 Gold 40 Cores total

MEMORY 128GB DDR4 ECC (up to 512 GB)
OS DRIVE 480GB Enterprise SATA SSD (up to 960GB)
PROCESSING SPACE 32TB up to +100 TB Hybrid Space, All Flash Array Available
IO PORTS USB 3.0 (4 front, 2 rear)
USB 2.0 (2 rear)
Tableau Read-only Express SATA port
2 RJ45 10GBase-T LAN ports
1 RJ45 Dedicated IPMI LAN port
OPTICAL DRIVE Blu-Ray 16x Writing Speed and Supports BDXL (128GB) discs
OPERATING SYSTEM Windows 2016 Server Standard

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