SiForce Power Bank

SiForce Power Banks help keep mobile devices powered throughout the day. Power banks come as either a 4,000 mAh slim power bank, or a 10,000 mAh Qi power bank with an LED display, and both models come with one 3-in-1 USB charging cable.

SiForce Faraday Bags prevent entities from remotely accessing mobile devices, which could potentially alter or destroy evidence or otherwise be used in a malicious manner. Coupling a faraday bag with a power bank, the investigator can keep an unlocked phone remaining in an unlocked state for a longer period of time without relying on the mobile device’s battery. A mobile device that is drained of battery can shut down, automatically locking if configured to do so, preventing investigators from accessing data on the device.

We also offer SiForce faraday bags and power banks together in a Faraday Bag + Power Bank bundle.

Model Options 4,000mAh slim power bank
10,000mAh Qi power bank with LED display (+$10.00 USD)
Accessories 3-in-1 USB charging cable
Bundle Option Faraday Bag + Power Bank bundle
WARRANTY 1-year warranty

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