SiForce Continuous Charging Power Bank

SiForce Continuous Charging Power Banks

SiForce Continuous Charging Power Banks will continuously charge a device until the power bank is fully drained, or until the power bank is manually turned off. The current models offer up to 120 hours (5 days) of continuous charging.

Traditional power banks will shut off after charging the connected device to 100%, requiring investigators and technicians to manually turn the power bank on again when the device requires more power. This can be problematic since many devices will automatically lock once the device’s battery is drained, which in turn makes it more difficult to access data on the device.


  • Saves technician time. Traditional power banks will shut down after a device is powered to 100%, causing the technician to continually check the power bank status and turn it back on if needed. Continuous charging power banks will not shut down until the power bank runs out of battery or if the power bank is manually turned off
  • Provides convenience when devices are in transit or storage and need to remain powered on
  • Fits inside of SiForce Faraday Bags, which add protection against remote attacks on the device
  • A 3-in-1 cable is included to connect the power bank to different device ports, and to charge the power bank: USB-B Micro, USB C, Lightning, and USB-A
  • A digital display window shows the remaining charge of the power bank in percentage format (%)
  • Simple power bank usage instructions are shown on the front of the unit to turn the power bank on and off

Offered models:

At this time, we offer the following models:
CD10 – 10,000 mAh capacity with a digital display (up to 72 hours / 3 days of continuous charging)
CD24 – 24,000 mAh capacity with LED indicators (up to 120 hours / 5 days of continuous charging)

SiForce Faraday Bags:

SiForce Faraday Bags prevent entities from remotely accessing mobile devices, which could potentially alter or destroy evidence or otherwise be used in a malicious manner. Coupling a faraday bag with a power bank, the investigator can keep an unlocked phone remaining in an unlocked state for a longer period of time without relying on the mobile device’s battery and with lower risk of remote data tampering on the device. A mobile device that is drained of battery can shut down, automatically locking if configured to do so, potentially preventing investigators from accessing data on the device.

We also offer SiForce faraday bags and power banks together in a Faraday Bag + Power Bank bundle.

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