Tableau FireWire-PCIe Adapter (TDA7-9)

TDA7-9 PCIe-FireWire Adapter - Feature Image


The Tableau Forensic PCIe-FireWire Adapter (TDA7-9) allows for cost-effective and forensically-sound imaging of FireWire devices when used with a Tableau PCIe-compatible product. The device adapts from 9-pin FireWire 800 and 6-pin FireWire 400 devices to a Tableau PCIe connector.

The TDA7-9 PCIe-FireWire Adapter replaces the legacy Tableau Forensic FireWire Bridge (T9), which has been discontinued.


Kit Options

Although the Tableau TDA7-9 can be purchased individually, EFS offers a bundle called TKDA7-9 that includes the adapter and two FireWire cables. TKDA7-9 bundle contents:

    • Tableau FireWire-PCIe Adapter (TDA7-9) (You are currently on this webpage)
    • Tableau FireWire Cable (TC7-6-6). 1394A 6-pin male to 1394A 6-pin male. 6 foot length.
    • Tableau FireWire Cable (TC7-9-9). 1394B 9-pin bilingual to 1394B 9-pin bilingual. 6 foot length.


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