TK7U-BNDLB – TK7u bundled with PCIe adapters in a kit

  • Tableau Forensic PCIe Bridge [T7u]
  • Tableau Power Supply [TP2]
  • Tableau USB 3.0 A to B Cable – 6′ [TC-USB3]
  • Tableau PCIe Card SSD Adapter [TDA7-1]
  • Tableau PCIe M.2 SSD Adapter [TDA7-2]
  • Tableau PCIe Adapter for Apple SSD [TDA7-3]
  • Tableau PCIe Adapter Cable – 4″ [TC-PCIE-4]
  • Zippered Soft-sided Black Nylon Bag [TB1]
  • Zippered Soft-sided Black Nylon Bay with Handle and Built in Pockets [TB5]
  • T7u Quick Reference Guide

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