SiForce Lightning NVX

SiForce Lightning NVX – starting at $11,995 USD

SiForce Lightning NVX is built to maximize DATA IOPs, reduce processing time and boost productivity during digital investigations. It unleashes the full power of NVMe SSDs by connecting an array of drives directly to the CPU. This enables complex forensic software to digest a large quantity of data at Lightning speed.

3x Faster Processing Space Than SSD RAID

  • 3x faster than single NVMe, 10x faster than single SSD
  • Enables unprecedented speed of NVMe SSDs while protecting data

9x Better Sustained, Faster Storage Solution

  • Consumer SSDs have a 90% performance drop-off under heavy load, while enterprise SSDs have only a 10% drop-off in the same conditions

10x More Durable Than Consumer SSD

  • Enterprise level RAID data protection
  • Data remains safe in double fault challenge: Degraded state and unexpected power loss
PROCESSOR Base option: Dual Intel Xeon 4210 Silver, 20 Core
Alternative 1: Dual Intel Xeon 5218 Gold, 32 Core (+$2,000.00 USD)
Alternative 2: Dual Intel Xeon 6230 Gold 40 Core (+$3,600.00 USD)
MEMORY Base option: 192GB DDR4 ECC (6 Channel)
Alternative 1: 384GB DDR4 ECC (6 Channel) (+$1,600.00 USD)
Alternative 2: 512GB DDR4 ECC (4 Channel) (+$4,000.00 USD)
OS DRIVE Base option: 500GB NVMe SSD
Alternative 1: 1TB NVMe SSD (+$180.00 USD)
Alternative 2: 2TB NVMe SSD (+$320.00 USD)
TEMP SPACE Base option: None
Alternative 1: 1TB NVMe SSD (+$300.00 USD)
Alternative 2: 2TB NVMe SSD (+$600.00 USD)
Alternative 3: 480GB 3D XPoint SSD (+$680.00 USD)
PROCESSING SPACE * 2021-July-15: due to a lack of availability, the base option of 8 TB (4 x 2TB) has been temporarily changed from enterprise grade NVMe SSDs to client grade NVMe SSDs. Other options remain enterprise grade

Base option: 8TB NVMe RAID (4 x 2TB Enterprise NVMe SSD)
Alternative 1: 16TB NVMe RAID (4 x 4TB Enterprise NVMe SSD) (+$2,800.00 USD)
Alternative 2: 32TB NVMe RAID (4 x 8TB Enterprise NVMe SSD) (+$6,000.00 USD)
Alternative 3: 64TB NVMe RAID (8 x 8TB Enterprise NVMe SSD) (+$12,000.00 USD)

Alternative 1: 16TB Enterprise HDD (+$300.00 USD)
Alternative 2: 30TB RAID 5 (5 x 6TB Enterprise HDD) (+$2,100.00 USD)
Alternative 3: 50TB RAID 5 (5 x 10TB Enterprise HDD) (+$3,100.00 USD)
Alternative 4: 80TB RAID 5 (5 x 16TB Enterprise HDD) (+$4,100.00 USD)
ADDITIONAL HOT-SWAP BAYS Base option: Two hot-swap bays + one 2.5″ drive adapter
Alternative 1: Three hot-swap bays + two 2.5″ drive adapters (+$50.00 USD)
Alternative 2: Four hot-swap bays + three 2.5″ drive adapters (+$100.00 USD)
VIDEO Base option: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 12GB, 3584 Cuda cores
Alternative 1: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 8GB, 5888 Cuda cores (+$400.00 USD)
Alternative 2: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 10GB, 8704 Cuda cores (+$1,000.00 USD)
Alternative 3: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 24GB, 10496 Cuda cores (+$2,500.00 USD)
IO PORTS Dual 10Gb RJ45
USB 3.2 Gen 2 (2 Rear)
USB 3.0 (8 front, 4 open and 4 locked)
USB 3.0 (2 rear)
USB 2.0 (2 rear)
HD Audio Subsystem
Read-only SATA port
Read-only IDE port
Read-only USB port
Read-only FW800 port
Read-only SAS port
Read-only PCIe port
USB Media Card Reader
OPTICAL DRIVE Blu-Ray 16x Writing Speed and Supports BDXL (128GB) discs
OPERATING SYSTEM Windows 10 Professional
KEYBOARD AND MOUSE Base option: Keyboard and Mouse Wired USB
Alternative 1: Keyboard and Mouse Wireless (no additional cost)
Alternative 2: Mechanical RGB LED Keyboard and Mouse Wired USB (+$50.00 USD)
Base option: None
Alternative 1: Tableau PCIe Adapter Bundle [TKDA-PCIE-5PC]
Alternative 2: Tableau SATA & IDE Adapter Bundle [TKDA-SATA-IDE-7PC]
WARRANTY Base option: 3-year SiShield Parts & Labour
Alternative 1: 5-Year SiShield Parts & Labour (+$800.00 USD)

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