Tableau SATA/IDE Read-Write Bridge (T35u-RW)

The SATA/IDE Read-Write Bridge (T35u-RW) is yellow in colour and is pre-configured for a read-write operation of SATA and IDE drives. There is another version of the T35u-RW, the T35u, which is pre-configured for a read-only operation of SATA and IDE drives and comes in a black colour.

Note: The T35u-RW does not come with any accessories (cables) or power supply when purchased as a stand-alone item, and therefore you will need your own cables and power supply to use the device. For this reason, we also offer a kit version of the T35u-RW that does include a corresponding power supply and all cables. See below for kit content details.

We also offer the T35u-RW, other Tableau write-blocking devices, plus all related cables and accessories in our premium write-blocking kit for a more comprehensive option: EFS Premium Tableau Write Blocking Kit.


  • Suitable for both the field and lab, where read-write functionality is appropriate
  • USB 3.0 host computer connection
  • Seven LEDs provide status on power, IDE media detection, SATA media detection, host connection, write-block status, and activity

T35u-RW Kit Content

Connectors: Host (Left) Side USB 3.0: One USB 3.0 Standard-B connectorDC Input: One 5-pin mini-DIN connector for use with the Tableau TP2 power supply, and one bayonet connector for use with the Tableau TP5 power supply (TP5 currently discontinued)
Connectors: Device (Right) Side

SATA: SATA signal connector

IDE: IDE signal connector

DC Out: 4-pin 3M drive power connector (power to SATA or IDE hard disk)

DIP Switch The 4-position DIP switch configures user-selectable options that are not required for normal operation. See the T35u/T35u-RW Quick Reference Guide for more information
Other Features Factory Configuration:
-Yellow-case units are pre-configured as read-write (T35u-RW)
-Black-case units are pre-configured as read-only (T35u)Seven Status LEDs: DC IN, Power, IDE Detect, SATA Detect, Host Detect, Write Block, Activity

Host OS Compatibility:
-Microsoft Windows version 7, 8, 10
-Macintosh OS X
-Most modern Linux distributions (Note: Linux distributions have varying levels and quality of support for USB 3.0)

Host Interface: USB 3.0 (backward compatible with USB high/full/low speed)

IDE Device: Parallel ATA hard disk devices with Logical Block Addressing (LBA) support

SATA Device: SATA hard disk devices

Physical / Environmental Dimensions (L x W x H):
-5.625 in x 3.25 in  x 1.125 in
-14.288 cm x 8.255 cm x 2.858 cmWeight: 5.9 oz (168 g)Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 55 degrees C (no airflow)

Output Voltage (DC OUT): +5VDC @ 1A, + 12VDC @ 1A

Power: 5-6 watts typical operating (not including hard disk)

Relative Humidity: Up to 90% (non-condensing)

Storage Temperature Range: -40 to 70 degrees C

Supply Voltage (DC IN): +5VDC @ 2A, +12VDC @ 2A (includes budget for hard disk)

Warranty One year parts and workmanship from date of purchase

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